Book Reading and Workshop Pricing

Single Class Readings

  • 1 classroom, $150
  • 2 classrooms, $250
  • 3 classrooms or more (4 maximum), $400

Assembly Readings

  • 1 assembly with 4 grades or less, $400
  • 2 assemblies each with 4 grades or less, $600

Parent Workshops

  • 1 grade level, $400
  • 2 grade levels, $600
  • 3 to 8 grade levels, $900

Teacher Workshops

  • 1 grade level, $200
  • 2 grade levels, $350
  • 3 to 8 grade levels, $750

Transportation costs are additional.
Prices are somewhat negotiable, if hardship is demonstrated.

“Kimberly Biddle visited our Fifth-Grade classes at Country Day School, to share her book LaDonna Plays Hoops. Her enthusiasm and willingness to share her writing process and journey was inspirational to our budding authors. Her presentation included reading aloud, teaching her ‘Family Hoops Star’ song, singing with our students, and fielding questions from our Fifth Graders. Kimberly thoughtfully answered questions and engaged with our children. Her excitement surrounding writing and publishing was evident throughout her presentation.”

Sue Ryan at Sacramento Country Day School

“Thank you so much, Dr. Biddle, for being the guest author at our Dr. Seuss Day. The students, staff, and parents thoroughly enjoyed your story and the energy that went along with it. Your love of children and passion for reading is very evident. We hope to have you back at our school again soon.”

Peter Lew at Joseph Sims in Elk Grove

“When Dr. Biddle read her book, LaDonna Plays Hoops to the children at our event, she held the room spellbound. There’s nothing quite like hearing an author read aloud their own work in person, especially a children’s author. Not only is Dr. Biddle is a gifted storyteller; she uses her gift to make a difference in the world. It also doesn’t hurt that she’s an accomplished child development scholar with a PhD from Stanford! I highly recommend her readings to any group who loves a good story.”

Dan Stringer at Intervarsity, USA

“I had the privilege of reading this heartwarming story that focuses on the importance of a supportive family and never giving up! It affords children to feel good about their dreams, is engaging, uses fun descriptive words that brings the story alive, and is motivating for the entire family.”

Kathleen Wayland, Educator and Nana to nine beautiful Grandchildren

“The nuanced teachings offered in Darlene Double Dutch Dreams are worth having every child read this publication. Darlene demonstrates resilience and commitment to a goal so as not to let others down. Foremost, Darlene and her sisters’ care for and dedication to their mother is tender and heart‐warming. Competition for the right reasons brings out the best in Darlene!”

Dr. Rose Borunda, Full Professor of Education and Counseling, Sacramento State

“Darlene’s Double Dutch Dreams offers imagination, melody and rhythm sure to delight the early reader. A most remarkable storyteller, Kimberly A. Gordon Biddle’s rich in rhyming verse with illustrations by Heath Gray provide an enchanting set of characters with a can‐do spirit. The story‐song assures the young reader that a motivating spirit and imagination is a double Dutch delight for all parent’s story time. Dreams, active play, rhyming, teaming with others and a hopeful spirit are joyfully connected in this most delightful dyslexic inclusive book. Darlene’s Double Dutch Dreams should be in every readers’ bookcase, and early childhood teacher’s repertoire.”

Dr. Rosemary Papa, Founder of Educational Leaders Without Borders and Emeritus Professor, Educational Leadership, and the Del and Jewell Lewis Endowed Chair in Learning Centered Leadership, Northern Arizona University

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