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A Career in School Psychology
Posted June 14th 2014

A background in child development can serve as a strong foundation for careers such as teaching, nursing, school administration, counseling, applied behavioral analysis, among others. Child development includes physical, emotional, intellectual and social changes. Research in the field of child development continues to expand our understanding of learning and development in early childhood. Various careers require specific skills and knowledge that a degree in child development can offer.

For example, letís examine a career in school psychology. First, a school psychologist requires both a baccalaureate and post baccalaureate degree, and credentials in school psychology and pupil personnel services. School psychologists complete psycho-educational assessment for students referred for special education testing. They help students succeed academically, socially, behaviorally, and emotionally. School psychologists also provide short term counseling to children with special needs as part of their IEP and to students in regular programs. School psychologists apply their knowledge of child development,education and psychology to develop effective interventions for students not meeting the standards. School psychologists have extensive knowledge of scientifically-based reading instruction, educational policies, and of learnin and development.

What career aspirations do you have?

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Reply from Carson Arnold posted on October 16th 2014
I currently am changing my degree to child development. I am absolutely loving what I am learning and I have a lot of interest in the subjects. The theories I am learning are going to further my knowledge when I become a teacher. They will give me the ability to help the children in my class and I will be better prepared on how to handle certain situations. There are so many options with this major its incredible and slightly overwhelming. The staff is very helpful and they helped me decide the path I am going to take.
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Reply from Emma Dilley posted on August 8th 2014
As a student and women who works in the ECE field I have begun to think about what other jobs I could use my skills in. I love working with children but want to also consider other occupations with in the ECE field. The idea of being a school psychologist is exciting and brings inspiration for finding new and exciting opportunities.
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Reply from angelica calderon posted on August 5th 2014
This post is correct there are several careers that a person could choose from when having a background in child development. As a young child I remember my mother working at a Head Start program. I remember going after school and assisting the preschool teachers on activities. From then on I knew I wanted to be a teacher. As od know I have accomplished my dream. I currently work as a preschool teacher for a wonderful program. In the future I plan to work more closely with families.
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Reply from Nancy Rosario posted on July 31st 2014
Since I was little I always wanted to be a teacher. I remember playing with my siblings school. I came to this country for a better future and to follow my dreams. I am grateful that I was able to accomplish my dream. Now I am a preschool teacher and I love my job. I love working with children and making a difference in their lives.
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Reply from Carmen Mejia posted on July 31st 2014
I want to be in the Teaching field, I enjoy working with children. I want to be able to make a positive difference in a child's life. I'm not sure if I would like to teach children with special needs, or "regular students." I have a passion for all students.
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Reply from amyy peralta posted on July 31st 2014
I agree with all the details this post offer. One can always use information about this field. Some of the details were new to me, such as why psychologist need to take courses about education. I believe all people (not only people who\'s interest in becoming a parent) should take child development classes. It is the basics of human development and it guides us to understand each other. And even if one is not interested in parenting, children are always going to be part of our lives.
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Reply from martha paez posted on July 31st 2014
I love the information in this post. I would like to go into behavior analysis or become a child life specialist one day. Research in child development is another option if I have the opportunity to work and meet people that can help me achieve my dreams.
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Reply from Larry posted on July 30th 2014
I love the versatility of the child development degree. My plan after graduating is to get my multi subject credential and work as a teacher. My long term goal is to become an elementary school principal and perhaps a counselor at a high school as well.
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