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168 Hours
Posted September 5th 2015

A Linkedin connection of mine named Genny posted a blog about 168 hours. We have 168 hours every week and we make choices about how to spend them. When you think about that, really think about that, it can be inspiring or overwhelming. I hope you see it as inspiring and that you start planning and being intentional about how you spend those 168 hours. Those of us who work with children professionally must realize how impactful our 168 hours can be on the lives of children we serve. Yes, parents are truly the children's first teachers, but professionals who work with children must work in partnership with parents to enhance children's development. Think about how profound our impact can be and then think, we have 168 hours in a week to do it. It is my hope that this realization inspires you as you plan for your interactions with the children you serve and their families and community. Be wise and discerning in how you spend those 168 hours every week.

Now reflect on the reality of these 168 hours and write comments and thoughts on the blog.

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Reply from Bao Her posted on December 13th 2015
Those 168 hours in school are very important to children, especially for those children who parents doesn't speak English. Those children are their parent's voice and everything. For me, when my parents' are always working, my grandparents are the ones taking care of me. I am glad that learning in school made me bilingual because I was the one translating for my grandparents and sometimes my parents. So I think those 168 hours teachers need to understand that most students are developing their physically, mentally, and socially and emotionally in school. Sometimes it made seems like students don't want to learn, but they do. 168 hours are the most precious time in school to help children learn and inspire them to do great things in the future.
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Reply from Anne Maginnity posted on December 2nd 2015
Itís easy to think of a typical week strictly in terms of the number of days. First is the dreaded Mondays and then the countdown until the weekend begins. But when put in terms of hours in a week it gives a different perspective. Especially in the life of a college student every hour matters for something whether that time be for sleeping, homework, work, etc. I have been a college student for some time now and I have come across this concept of Ďtime well spentí but to be honest I never really understood the importance of it until I became a mother. Now, as a full-time student and mother every hour of my week counts for something. Staying organized is now more important than ever because if I do not balance my time between the different aspects of my life I end up feeling overcome with chaos. My goal is to someday work as a Kindergarten teacher and I know that I will have limited time during the week to make a difference in my studentsí lives. With 168 hours per week it is important to make the most of the time you have, whether thatís in a classroom, at home, or at school.
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Reply from Patricia Johnson posted on December 2nd 2015
Those 168 hours did kind of made me think because I don't really think about it because those hours go by fast and by the time you realize it the time is up. Those 168 hours are important especially when children are growing up they learning constantly whether they are at home or at school. Those 168 hours need to be spent helping a child's development in every aspect physically, mentally and socially and emotionally.
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Reply from Zainab Khan posted on October 25th 2015
It's an amazing thought to think that educators have such a huge influence on children. Those 168 days can influence a child's life more than we truly realize. Especially if children are coming from difficult backgrounds, and school is their safe haven. An educator's optimism and encouragement for that child can guide them to a successful educational journey. The expectations that an educator holds can play an important role in determining the educational achievement of a child. A child's willingness to learn increases with supportive educators and a safe and positive environment. It is important to recognize the impact that we all have on children, no matter what career field we work in. We all withhold the ability to change lives and grow young minds!
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Reply from Adryanna leonard posted on October 21st 2015
I think 168 hours a week is great and essential for the development of children. Personally I agree that professional workingbwith children play a huge role in the child life. Having a parent and teacher that cares about the develoment of child will only inhance that development. Some parents arent train like we are. We study and learn diffrent theory and apply them in our work place. Parent provide nature and guidance as well as instructors , but having extra hours outside the home to learn and engage in play and interaction with other students helps stimulate the childs development as well. 168 hours in one week will give more time for bonding and also give more time to assess and address different issues. Not only will the child benefit but the teacher will also gaining more experience and approaches to help children develop. Time can ro fast when teaching so making every second count is important its not enough time in the week.
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Reply from Spruce P. posted on October 20th 2015
One hundred and sixty eight hours is an intriguing idea. That much time can seem like nothing at all. For others its more then they know what to do with. They say time fly\\\'s when your having fun, but the same is true for learning. When you are teaching or learning a new skill, an hour can disappear so fast. When you don\\\'t care or understand the same amount of time can feel like forever. I would like to feel that the time I spent teaching archery at my old summer camp went fast. I enjoyed the experience so much. I know so many of the kids did aswell. They would say, \\\"Is class over already?\\\" So I know I did my part. So much was the reward when a child asked if I was going to be working at the camp in a few years because he wanted to work with me. I hope everyone gets to feel that same reward as they partake in their classroom experiences.
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Reply from Ninnette posted on October 7th 2015
Being a full time student and having a demanding part time job, I spend my 168 hours a week on reading and homework along with working. In reading this posting I have realized that our 168 hours a week are important in prioritizing the most important things in life. Since I do not work with kids or have kids of my own, I compare a lot of situations with my nephew. I realize that even spending 1 to 2 hours with him make a difference in his life. Most of the times I feel that those fast going hours do not make a difference but I realize now it truly does.
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Reply from Miley Chang posted on October 7th 2015
As a school student, my 168 hours are spent on school. I am taking 14 units this sesmester, so most of my 168 hours are used for studying, doing homework, and gaining hands-on experiences. However, a small portion of my 168 hours was used for personal hygienes: showering, sleeping, and eating.
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Reply from Taylor Fleer posted on September 29th 2015
This really puts things in perspective. As a college student, think of how many hours we waste just by wasting 10 minutes at a time. Thumbing through our phones and daydreaming. I always feel that each week goes by so quickly, yet so much can be done in 168 hours. As a student, I am not around children all the time so it inspires me to make more of each minute and hour I do get to spend with children.
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Reply from Hannah Davis posted on September 23rd 2015
I Had no idea that there were 168 hours that I haven't truly been utilizing in a week. I would like to consider myself a planner, however I have never looked at my week in the perspective of time. I tend to look at what task I need to accomplish in the week and then prioritize those based on severity of the need. I have realized that even an hour of sitting at home and watching pointless TV can be utilized to help my little sister do homework or any other activity that I could make the most out of. 168 hours a week does seem like a lot of time that I haven't been using to benefit myself and the people and children around me, however at the same time I am inspired to utilize the time I do have and to not waste it.
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Reply from zoua yang posted on September 23rd 2015
I just realize how long 168 hours in right now. Sometimes I think we go through life forgetting how much time we have and either take it for granted or use it wisely. Applying this to what I help teach and do with my students at work makes me think how much I can leave an impact with those I'm working with. I work with about 20 kids but with 3 to 4 in groups at a time. In that time, we are given only about 20-25 minutes to spend with them. Now this will remind me to use it wisely and appreciate the time I get with my students more.
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Reply from Janine Contreras posted on September 23rd 2015
168 does not seem like a big number but when you put the word "hours" next to it it makes a big difference. To think that we spend our time sitting around sometimes when you can be doing something productive makes me cringe a bit. I know that I waste time in the day sometimes and I don't take it into account that we only have 168 hours a week. When it comes to my job I only see my kids once a week and each class is only 45 MINUTES. Those 45 minutes are very valuable. I need to take into consideration that those 45 minutes out of a child's life is even more valuable because they get excited to see me and they only get to see me for a glimpse of their week.
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Reply from Natasha Aguirre posted on September 20th 2015
Hearing that we have 168 is really mind blowing! Often times we feel like there isnít enough time in the day to do anything, but knowing that we have 168 hours in a week is really nice to hear. Personally as a mother and a future teacher I am always using every opportunity I have to teach my son something new. Everting thing we do together is fun but at the same time it is educational because children pf his age learn by having fun and playing. For teachers it is very important to remember that you need to make the most out of every lesson by trying to incorporate both learning and play. Teacher need to try to maximize their time with children by making every lesson plan well thought out so that you can cover more than just the basics. Doing so will take a lot of personal free time and dedication and often the best teachers are very capable of doing that if they take advantage of their resources and ask for help from their coworkers.
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Reply from Meuy Saeteurn posted on September 16th 2015
Knowing we have 168 hours per week is definitely inspiring. It gives professionals time to prepare lesson plans that could be more intriguing for students. As for me, I take time out to spend with my younger siblings and relatives to play educational games or teach them new skills in the kitchen. If you find what the children loves most, I think thatís where theyíre at the highest peak of wanting to learn. Thereís nothing better than seeing children excited to learn.
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Reply from Virginia J posted on September 14th 2015
168 hours seems like there's is a lot of time in a week. Little do we know that those hours fly by like nothing in a day. It is important to make time for a child within those hours in the week because it is the time we spend and what we do with children that they remember. Time is something that we can offer to children and never take it back. So put aside two or more hours a day to make a child remember a valuable time.
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Reply from Ariadne Singh posted on September 13th 2015
When one actually sits down and reflects on the amount of time that is spent with children within a 168 hour week, one starts to realize the true value of time. It is essential educators and role models maximize the time spent with children to enhance their development. Also, it's important for teachers to have lesson plans that engage children to help them retain the various information they are exposed to within such a short period of time.
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Reply from Tina Hy posted on September 13th 2015
This is a great topic to talk about because many times individuals in the child development profession could take those 168 hours and think of them as overwhelming just by looking at the number itself. The great thing about having so many hours in the day working in this profession is being able to shape and mold our interactions with children and how we can make those interactions meaningful.
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Reply from Kaley posted on September 12th 2015
Teachers really do spend so much time with their students and have the potential to have a great impact on their students. I think this can be a very positive thing if teachers take advantage of all the time they have and plan it well. To have the greatest impact possible it is essential that teachers really focus on the best ways to relay information to their students and that they create effective lesson plans that will allow students to get the most out of their education.
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Reply from veronica posted on September 10th 2015
This is great way to put time into perspective. Many times we loose our selves in the everyday routines and we stop enjoying the small moments in our profession. Looking at time in small increments can help us appreciate the small things that bring true joy to our profession, therefore utilizing every hour in a more efficient and joyful way.
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Reply from Maria Castillo posted on September 7th 2015
When you think about how many hours there are in a week it is truly amazing how much of an impact you can make in a childs life if you spend them correctly.
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Reply from Glinda Copridge posted on September 6th 2015
I calculated the amount of time I spend with my students, 27.5 hours, in comparison to the 168 hours we each have in a week, it shows how each minute counts when I'm with them. I will use this information when working with my students and to inform my colleagues.
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