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Phonemic Awareness
Posted August 3rd 2014

Phonemic awareness is described as the understanding of oral language and in particular about the segmentation of sounds that are used when we communicate speech. A child who possesses phonemic awareness understands that words are made up of sounds and that they can manipulate the sounds in words and can segment sounds in words. For example, the child can pronounce the first sound in the word “milk” or produce a word that rhymes with “cat”. How can children develop phonemic awareness skills? What opportunities would you give that child to develop this skill during play?

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Reply from Evelyn Sanchez posted on November 25th 2014
It is never too early to begin reading or talking to your child. Since the child is in the womb, I think it is good for the mother and father to converse with them. Once they are born and don't know what you are really saying, they still pay attention to your tone and take that into understanding. To help the kids, conversations and reading can develop a better sense of phonemic awareness and help them identify objects around them and have a good way of communicating with others.
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Reply from Emeseb Tabor posted on August 9th 2014
I believe children needs to be encouraged to become a better reader and writer of our future. For my preschool class every week I bring more books from the library for them to read depending on the topic of the month. I also believe that we have to engage children to all sort of the material that are available to help him or her learn better. That include hands on activity like writing letters using water paint or using educational CD-ROM to teach letters and phonics, or singing the rhyming songs or game to make a connection what they have learned.
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Reply from Emeseb Tabor posted on August 4th 2014
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