“Evidence that Enkindles Joyful Living”

Hello World!

I guess that is what I said when I was born on October 15th in the year 1965. I believe my parents were married then, but divorced soon after I was born. I was born in a small rural town in Illinois and raised mostly by a single mother in poverty. My mom taught me the value of education and instilled in me a love of reading. My childhood years were not ideal, but they are what I know. I was surrounded by love of my immediate and extended family. That love and my God carried me through those years. My author brand is “Evidence that Enkindles Joyful Living.”

I really am a lover of books. My nose was always in a book, when I was younger. I still love to read, when I get the chance, and I also love to write. I love getting lost in the creative process of writing.

I am lead author on two co-authored and published textbooks. Early Childhood Education is published by SAGE. Careers in Child and Adolescent Development is published by Taylor and Francis. I am also the second co‐editor of a third textbook, Developmentally Appropriate Curriculum and Instruction. It is also published by Taylor and Francis.

As mentioned on my home page, I have three picture books that are indie‐published. The small publisher closed in December of 2021.

I also write poetry or free verse. I have written poetry since I was young and I have saved much of it. I have yet to publish any poetry, but hope to do so eventually. Perhaps, I will share some on my website.

I am an Emeritus Professor of Child and Adolescent Development at Sacramento State in California, after having taught college for 28 years. Professionally, I am a member of the National Association for the Education of Young Children, the American Educational Research Association, and the American Psychological Association. I am also a member of the Society for Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators (SCBWI). My alma maters gave me Alumni Awards. Stanford University gave me one for excellence in education in 2018. The University of Redlands gave me one for career achievement in 2019.

Most importantly I am a loving wife to my husband, Chris, and a loving mother to my son. My family is very important to me, both the family that raised me and the family I created. I currently live in the Nor Cal area of California. I have a BA in Psychology and Music from the University of Redlands. I also have an EdS in Program Evaluation and a PhD in Child and Adolescent Development from Stanford University. My long road to completing my formal education contained many joys and challenges. However, I am very thankful and grateful for my education, because it literally changed my life. Hats off to all of my teachers, professors, and mentors!!!!

As I continue my informal education through my professional conferences, I will always remember the foundation given to me by my family and through my education. I will keep on perfecting my craft and producing written works. I believe that creating enriches my life and I hope the written products I create enrich the lives of others!